Friday, October 27, 2006


My husband and I had this long discussion on the way home the other day about Fenty and if he'll really be any different/better than Williams. Until we had this discussion I fancied myself a Fenty supporter, but in the midst of our discussion I saw my support slowly drift out of the car window.

Don't get me wrong Fenty was clearly the default choice and I think a bright guy but his recent decisions are making me very nervous. Let's review a few of his decisions since he won the primary...Hired away the best guy Metro's ever seen, vowed to dismiss our current police chief within the next year and pull power from our school board. Now, there is nothing wrong with hitting the down running and certainly living up to your campaign promises is admirable, but Fenty seems to be doing a lot of dismantling (all before the general election, I'll note) I hope his vision is clear. Did I mentioned I'm worried.

As I so eloquently argued to my husband...Of course our people east of the White House and River want better schools and Pre-K for their kids. But more importantly they want their children to go to school without the threat of gun violence. That said, hearing that Fenty wants to axe our current police chief one week and another week he's in NYC to figure out how to back pocket our school board has me worried. Now, I'm not saying our chief is the best, or that our school system does not need a major overall, but I'm worried. The message he's sending surely favors the uptown folks and that's beginning to seem very familiar.