Monday, March 24, 2008

Fast cars, football and pink

 Here it is, my first Dear Jane block. I'm about six blocks behind, but I have it in my mind I can catch up over my vacation next week. Pink is "my favorite and my best" to quote one of my son's favorite story book characters.

I've never been a girlie girl, not at all, really quite the opposite. Growing up I loved sports, cars, and tech gadgets; not that any of these things should have a "gender" but, at least when I was growing up, they did. Today I notice there are girls and "girly" girls, and they both are quite terrific!

Anyway, I STILL like fast cars, football and pink.
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My Dear Jane Block Book


Since I'm hand piecing my Dear Jane Quilt, I need a way to organize and carry all of my block piecing as I'm working. So I've made this little "carry along" block book.

Of course, it took me longer to choose the cover fabric than it did to make the book, but I love it and it is currently always by my side.

Yes, I've also even made a block. I'll post that photo very soon, now back to piecing.
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Friday, March 14, 2008

Quilt Show Stress

My guild show is a few months away and I'm way behind! I am not sure how but I'm determined to have two fabulous quilts in this show. I don't seem to be sure of much lately, but I am by nature an over-thinker, which tends to make one indecisive too.

I feel like I'm in mental chaos, creative chaos...don't commit me, just say a small prayer for me. As usual I'll get it together, I'm going to pull myself together. As my husband's sister would say "get yourself together girl".

Tomorrow is third Saturday, thus guild meeting Saturday and after the guild meeting I'll head over to Southern Comforters quilt show in Bowie. Surronding myslef with beutiful quilts and women should do the trick.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Dear Jane

You've always been like a dream, so far away from my reality. How will I ever find you. Well, I've started out on my journey to you...Yes, I've taken the plunge. Don't ask me how or why. But I'm going to make a Dear Jane Quilt, by hand...All hand pieced! I thought at first I'd only use reproduction fabrics and try to be as true to the spirit as possible but now I think as true as I'll get is hand pieced.

I've found a lovely online group that hopes to do two blocks a week. Yes, of course I'm weeks behind, but I'll catch up! I will indeed.

What's so special about a Dear Jane quilt, 250 4 1/2 inch blocks all hand pieced. Oh yeah, that's special.
I'll post my blocks here as I finish them so you can ooh and ahhh.