Friday, April 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Son!

Today my son, Sean Ben, turned 3! You know the first thing we did was measure him! Even before he woke this morning we measured him; he's 39 inches. It's official we are height obsessed. I never thought we were but clearly wrestling him out of a dead sleep to get the number just right proves it. Makes you wonder right, and NO I'm not 5 feet tall. Actually, I'm above average height at almost 6 feet and husband is just over 6 feet. My dad and most of my family is tall and husband's family is fairly tall too, so I'm not sure how this obsession came about. Sean Ben was 21 inches long when he was born, I can't remember the time or the weight and on some days the exact date escapes me but, I always remember 21 inches, yep, it's offical I'm height obsessed.

I love you son, Happy Birthday!

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